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Ladies in Leadership

Ladies in leadership is a dynamic group of women within the Prosper Chamber of Commerce dedicated to inspiring and empowering women in business.  Since its inception in 2017, the committee has been dedicated to fostering an environment of growth, development, and confidence for women from diverse professional backgrounds.

Our mission statement is “To motivate, inspire, and empower fellow ladies in leadership. We strive to provide an environment advocating growth, development, strength, and confidence.”

To join Ladies in Leadership, you must be a member of Prosper Chamber of Commerce. Membership is $50 annually and offers these benefits:

Exclusive recognition as a member
Early invitation to monthly meeting at a discounted membership rate
Opportunity for social media Spotlight drawn at monthly meetings
Opportunity to sponsor Ladies in Leadership Meeting
Ability to network and advertise on LIL social media page
GEM Opportunity each month
2 special events annually

The meetings are diverse in content, ranging from motivational sessions, interactive workshops, informational panels, to networking events.  Attendees represent a wide spectrum of professionals, including business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate employees.
Come join us in our journey of growth, empowering others along the way.