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    Pest Control

    About Us

    Bug Commander Pest Control family owned and operated, full service pest control company dedicated to providing safe treatments and commanding solutions for all your pest needs. Our certified technician will take care of your bees, wasps, rodents, termites, fire ants, roaches, wildlife, and all general pests so you don't have to.

    Our highly trained, certified specialists are experts in the pest control industry. They provide the finest customer care and satisfaction. Our technicians will personalize a pest treatment plan to exceed all your pest control and customer service expectations by using the philosophy of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The emphasis is placed on Evaluation, Identification, Applications, Reassessment, and Continuing Management. This method ensures that you, the customer, are always getting the best solution for the problem, while keeping your family safe from unnecessary chemicals.

    Our Services Include?

    Residential Services:

    Pest Control
    Termite Control
    Mosquito Control
    Bees, Hornets and Wasp Removal
    Wildlife Relocation

    Commercial Services:

    Pest Control
    Termite Control
    Apartments and Condominiums
    Food Manufacturing
    Hospital and Health Care
    Hotels and Motels
    Retail Stores
    Schools and Childcare
    Warehouse and Distribution
    Mosquito Control

    At Bug Commander Pest Control, we use America?s top rated chemicals and organic products. We always offer Safe Treatments, Commanding Solutions. CALL US TODAY AT (214) 705-1222.

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