• Road to Accreditation

    Mission: “Accreditation with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a prestigious honor that distinguishes the high quality, expertise, and strong leadership displayed by Accredited state and local chambers of commerce.” The Road to Accreditation committee works to document the chambers policies, procedures, and practices, as requested by the US Chamber of Commerce for the purposes of seeking accreditation in 2020.

    Strategy: To seek accreditation through the US Chamber of Commerce. This committee of Prosper Chamber of Commerce leaders will meet monthly to discuss, create, and document chamber policies, procedures, and practices.

    “Accreditation with the United States Chamber of Commerce is the only program of its kind that defines excellence in chamber planning and recognizes chambers for outstanding contributions toward positive change in their communities. The purpose of the U.S. Chamber's Accreditation Program is to facilitate continuing excellence in the chamber industry and to foster a pro-business environment across America.”

    Committee Members: 


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