• FAQs

    1. How to update your personal profile (video)

    2. How to update your membership listing (video)

    3. How to sign up for Autopay (PDF)
    Sign up for Autopay

    4. How to Add the Prosper Chamber Logo to Your Website (PDF)
    Add Chamber Logo to your Website

    5. How to subscribe/unsubscribe/edit email address for the Chamber Newsletter

    • To subscribe from the newsletter click on "subscribe to our mailing list" at the bottom of the website Home page under Stay Connected.
    • To unsubscribe from the newsletter click on "unsubscribe from this list" at the bottom of the newsletter.
    • To change your email address for the newsletter click on "update subscription preferences" at the bottom of the newsletter    

    Note:  Joining the Chamber will automatically subscribe you to the newsletter.

    6.  How to register for an event, without logging in and adding a name for your other registration attendees.
    3 minute video